Many street children in La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia sell drugs or go into prostitution to survive. Usually they are addicted to alcohol or sniffing glue (vuelo, which means I fly Away). They live far from their families, in appalling conditions and have no prospect for the future.


With the project “basketball in the streets of Latin America”, Ron Wolfs, Gerrit Loots and Daniela Riveros want to help these street children make other choices and put their lives on track. They accompany them to stop sniffing and selling glue, putting them to sports and better taking care of themselves.
Ron is a basketball coach in Antwerp, Gerrit is professor of clinical psychology at the VUB and Daniela Riveros once played basket at national level in Bolivia. Today she teaches at the faculty of Psychology in La Paz about her work with street children.

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Changing lives

Children can work out 3 to 4 times a week in the basketball courts. Along the field they get psychological and practical support to get away from their addiction and desperate situation. They can also take lessons in the basket school. Often they are looking for a fixed stay. They form groups in which they take care of each other. At the moment there are 60 children coming to the school in La Paz.

More info

Ron Wolfs, Vzw Sport & Muziek, Broekstraat 53, 2490 Balen
tel. 014 652161,

You can finance the basketball project directly in Bolivia by making a contribution on account BE 59 0017 5519 8226 – BIC GEBABEBB. Please with the announcement ‘ Project Bolivia basketball street children ‘

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