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Veerle Van Dyck

Owner and managing director

According to Veerle, a respectful and understanding approach is the best way to make people even better. Softness and openness are its basic ingredients. She flavours them with a mixture of humor, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Her experience as a mother of four and her constant desire for personal development make her the recipe.

  • Trainer/coach in 3 languages
  • Thoughtful creator
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Myriam Coperloos


Myriam is generous and open to ideas. She improvises in varying circumstances and takes you on a discovery to different, better, more or less work. She makes this very tangible and concrete. Much is possible when people become more alert in their relationships with others. Action is her motto. She invites you to surf on the pleasant rhythm of her approach.

  • Trainer/coach in 3 languages
  • Enthusiastic improviser
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Aster Vissers

A sharp mind in a gentle shell is one way of describing Aster. Half time student in psychology, and half time employee at The 3House she brings her artistic talents to increase the impact of The 3House’s serious business games.

Thanks to her young age she is a real asset to our team since she helps us understand the needs our future clients.

Through her passion for horse-riding and training horses,  and her years of exercising the finer arts ( theatre, music) she has a clear  vision on human behaviour and its emotional whims. She works out our goals and makes sure our clients receive the perfect learning platform in our games, training and coaching.

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Laurance Burniat

Laurence exhudes calm and restfulness. Equipped with a rare and beautiful personality she translates her views on learning in her designs for our serious games. In order to create the perfect look and feel Laurence steadily ploughs on  and looks for the best options. Her driver behind all this? “How can I help people to help themselves in growing and building a usefull set of talents and skills?”

Always ready for a laugh, she finally gets the job done, and manages to keep a sunny mood with it!

No game would be the same without Laurence’s gentle  and intelligent touch!

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Inge Anno

Fascinating personality, a warm heart, a sense of humor and a keen look at how people work, this is Inge. With her creativity, she is never trapped. In life, there are only solutions, right? Inge is used to working with teams.

  • Trainer/coach in 3 languages
  • Enthusiastic inspirator
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Christa Jongen

Christa has a fine, soft and elegant style. friendly but determined, she brings structure to your organization and guides employees towards their goal. Sophisticated humor and a cheerful attitude go hand in hand with a rich range of life perspectives.

  • French Coach
  • Effective Organizer
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Dideke Ros

Dideke exudes class and sweetness. In a calm voice, she takes you on the path of solutions. She looks for talent and starts from the strength of each participant. Dideke strongly guides your organization towards agreed results. Her patient and determined approach has a magical effect.

  • Coach / Dutch Speaker
  • Compassionate visionary


The3House is expanding its team even further. We are constantly on the move and open to cooperation.

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