Work, home, children, care for our significant others… bring pressure to our days . So much so, we sometimes lose sight of the fun side of our job.

The3House serves you in helping employees and executives

  • find  full concentration on the job again,
  • to find pleasure (again) in working together,
  • surprise customers in a positive way.

On average, we spend 75% of our time awake on our job and its tasks, in order to have time left for what makes us happy.

The3House extends the “joie de vivre” to the workplace. With the right attitude, room for humor and the awareness that they add value to your company, people feel happier. This generates positive energy which in its turn reflects on your customers.


Everything you want to achieve – in life or at work – requires an effort. Working with The3House is intensive and enriching. Sometimes we get you out of your comfort zone. We do it with playful enthusiasm so you gain spontaneously insights in your way of working together. We laugh with our own petty shortcomings, still our outcomes are ambitious.


‘We don’t promise that it will be easy, but it will be worth it.’


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