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NLP for Business Practitioner

“In 2003 Carmen and I met Veerle for the first time in Bari where she attended a New Code training. On our suggestion she subscribed to one of our first trainer’s trainings at the NLP Academy of Michael Caroll at South Croydon (London, UK).

In 2006 she became a certified NLP trainer and a member of the International Trainer’s Academy, which Carmen and I endorse as preparing trainers who will convey the knowledge of NLP as I intended it since its origins.

To us Veerle has become a valued trainer whom we trust to train her clients in NLP in order

  • to become more resourceful leaders, 
  • to maximize their abilities and choices in conducting their relationships with the people in both their work and home lives.

As the co-creator I warmly recommend you to subscribe to her NLP for Business courses. You will see the impact of the changes and choices from this training. You will move towards eliciting from the world the responses you aimed for and you will have more options to handle situations than you originally held possible.

In addition, you will learn the intention behind the patterning as well as the specific steps in its application and thereby make better use of what your conscious and unconscious already know. And if the knowledge is not there, find excellent examples in others of what you need to learn and find out in Veerle’s training how to modell them.”