In the past 20 years, Veerle trained and coached about 25,000 people in the private and public sector.

As ‘ thoughtful creator ‘ of the 3house, Veerle understands the many dynamics in organizations:

  • Clapping subcultures,
  • Tensions in teams,
  • Untapped talent,
  • Change processes,
  • Unclear expectations,
  • Rippling motivation,
  • Internal competition,

+32 477 23 19 64


Veerle brings an end to navel-gazing and moaning about things we don’t get the hang of.

With gentle humour and an infectious enthusiasm, she guides executives, staff and teams to take a fresh look and a new challenge.

From her experience and her knowledge of, among other things, neuroscience, Veerle convinces and successfully sets on Business Games.

In A game, people are more open and discover talents to themselves and colleagues. They also overcome obstacles that prevent them from taking good care of themselves.

The result

Fewer absences, more satisfied faces and coherence, happy employees who make a constructive contribution from their interests and talents and who provide a clear and pleasant story to the outside world.
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